Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kearny Fire Department Promotions

Kearny Mayor Alberto Santos, left, Captain Joe Mastandrea and his family, Chief Steve Dyl, Councilwoman Eileen Eckle and Deputy Chief Frank Viscuiso

KEARNY – Two members of the Kearny Fire Department were promoted at the May 26 Town Council meeting. Captain John Harris who joined the department in 1991 reached the rank of Captain in 1998. He was promoted to Deputy Chief to fill the gap created by the retirement of Deputy Chief Anthony Calabrese who retired after thirty plus years on the Department. Firefighter Joseph Mastandrea, a 10-year veteran of the Kearny Fire Department was promoted to Captain. Both promotions take effect on June 1. Chief Steve Dyl commended both men for the drive necessary to achieve their new rank.
“From experience I know it take a lot of time hitting the books to study for a promotional test. I’ve worked with Deputy Chief Harris when he was a firefighter and I am proud to see him get this promotion he worked so hard for. John comes from a fire fighting family. His father George, now retired, was a Deputy Chief and Acting Chief of this department, his brother George is a firefighter. I’m proud to see Joe Mastandrea advance to Captain. Joe always worked hard and had his nose in the books every day. I knew he had the drive to succeed,” Chief Dyl said.
Chief Dyl also took a moment to thank the mayor and council for recognizing the need for the promotions in these tough economic times.
“We owe a debt of gratitude to the Mayor and Council who acted in the best interest for the safety of our citizens and firefighters,” Chief Dyl said.
Mayor Santos congratulated Deputy Chief Harris and Captain Mastandrea on the substantial step in their careers and reaffirmed the high expectations of their role in the Kearny Fire Department.

Photos and story by Diane Tilley.